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All Iron Rider products are designed in Wisconsin USA. We believe in the tradition of quality manufacturing. It's what propelled a struggling young country to become an economic powerhouse. With eyes always looking toward the next great accomplishment, Americans have rolled up their sleeves and worked to create things that are strong and lasting, like Iron Rider motorcycle luggage. Dowco and the Iron Rider community thrive on excellence, invest in skill and innovation and most importantly always listen to you, the real iron riders. When faced with a problem that needs solving, we don't give up. We give it our all. We look deep inside ourselves for the answer and then design a solution. Because that's the American way.

Zero Nonsense

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American Intuition

They say we've become a throw-away society. Sorry naysayers, Dowco didn't get the memo. Iron Rider stands for something real and lasting. Our gear is made by the sweat of our brows and sometimes we get our hands dirty. We put thought into everything we do, because there are no shortcuts to success.

Rugged american Individualism

Nineteenth century newspaper giant Horace Greely is known for the saying, “Go West young man.” We say, go wherever you want, young or old, man or woman. Just go. Forge your own path. It's a big country and the road is calling. Iron Rider is who you are and what you carry. How far you take it is your unique American story. Write it.

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Legendary Heritage

Nobody does it with more swagger than Americans. From the Minutemen to the greatest generation. We don't imitate, we innovate. Those four guys on Mount Rushmore aren't there because they sat on the sidelines. They were men of action and represent an American ideal. No nonsense. Straight-forward. Hard working, hard driving, and always with a need to live free.

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Built on
Guts & Glory

The Transcontinental Railroad. The Panama Canal. The Interstate Highway System. The Apollo 11 moon landing. All proof that if Americans want to get somewhere, we don't let anything stand in our way. If we can dream it, we can achieve it. If there's no road, we build it. And whether we take the fast lane or the road less traveled, we know it's all about the journey.

The Open Road

America is richly endowed with wide-open spaces. We love to see a cowboy ride off into the sunset … or better yet, do it ourselves on two wheels. It’s that feeling of being one with the road. Knowing you’re in the saddle and in control. Pair down to the bare necessities: two wheels, an engine, a clear head and a noble heart. Along with a few essentials tucked into quality built Iron Rider luggage. This land is your land. Rise to the challenge of the open road.

Earn Your Iron

Rarely does a whisper carry over the sound of pounding pistons and rolling thunder. If you want to be heard, you need to shout. Iron Rider authentic moto gear is that voice, equipped with the style, confidence and storage needed to conquer every last mile. No matter what type of rig you ride - stock or custom, big twin or metric - make a statement with Iron Rider’s rugged line of sissy bar, tail and tank bags. Shout out loud. Stake your claim.

Freedom is two wheels.
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